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Success Stories

Find Families In Mexico has worked for foster care agencies around the country to successfully locate families in Mexico of children in their care. Here are just a few of the responses we have received from grateful social workers on behalf of their departments.

McDowell County Department of Social Services
Marion, North Carolina

foster teenagers McDowell County North Carolina

"After six months of searching, we were put in contact with the family within a week of trying your service."

Kim Wolcott"Thank you so much!! Our company was looking for a gentleman that owned property in which we had an interest. After 6 months of persistent research including: mailing letters to previous addresses, having people in Mexico City look up his name in a phone book and using Ancestry.com... we hit a dead end. That is when I ran across the Find Families In Mexico web site and decided to try it considering we had both of his parents' names, date of birth and a previous address. I am so glad we did. Within a week we were put us in contact with the family, and we were able to reach them regarding the property!

Kim Wolcott
East Winds Consulting, LLC
Trenton, NJ
Found family they were looking for

Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families
Camarillo, California

foster teens

Foster Child's Biological Mother Located in Mexico

A Family Finding Specialist with Children's Service Society of Wisconsin (CSSW) needed to locate family members living in Mexico. They had a foster child in their care, but after weeks of searching in the U.S., CSSW had been unable to locate any family members. Acting on the recommendation from Kevin Campbell, the leading expert on family finding for the U.S., CSSW contacted Find Families In Mexico.

Our organization conducted a family finding that resulted in CSSW being put in touch with the birth mother, maternal grandmother and several adult relatives. CSSW has started the engagement process and has documentation supporting their family finding due diligence if requested by the court.

"Many thanks for all of your efforts in locating the family of one of our foster children in Wisconsin! It was a pleasure working with your agency."

Located biological mother, grandmother and several adult family members of U.S. foster child for:
Family Finding Specialist
Children's Service Society of Wisconsin (CSSW)
Menasha, Wisconsin

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Arlington, Texas

foster teenagers McDowell County North Carolina

Family Finding Helps Unite Foster Child
with Relative in Mexico

Casey Family Programs in Texas needed to identify and locate family members for a child in foster care. There was very little information, only the name of a grandmother and the state in Mexico where she might be living. Casey Family Programs contacted Find Families In Mexico, first for an assessment of the available information and later to locate the grandmother or to identify and locate other family members. Our organization identified a distant relative. Casey Family Programs was then able to locate and contact an immediate family member. Because of the efforts by Find Families In Mexico and Casey Family Programs, this foster child now has contact with family in Mexico.

Casey Family Programs
San Antonio, TX

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Fort Worth, Texas

foster teenagers

Biological Father Located in Mexico so He Could Be Advised of Adoption Proceedings for His Daughter

K. Wamble, an attorney with the Booker Law Firm, needed to locate a person living in Mexico. A man’s ex-wife, living in the U.S., had filed an adoption request for sole custody of their daughter with the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas. The law firm needed to locate the biological father, in Mexico, to get him a copy of the adoption petition so that he would have an opportunity to consent and/or object to the proceedings.

The attorney contacted Find Families In Mexico explaining that they were required to do due diligence to locate the biological father and that there was a time constraint. Within two weeks, the father was located and his mailing address and phone number were provided to the attorney so the adoption documents could be mailed out. The attorney thanked our organization for its fast work in resolving this matter.

Located biological father of child because of pending adoption for sole custody by mother for:
K. Wamble, Attorney
Booker Law Firm
Little Rock, Arkansas

Chester County Department of Child, Youth and Families
West Chester, Pennsylvania

foster teens

Foster Child's Biological Father
Located in Mexico Because of
Family Finding Service

A North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) had a Hispanic teenager in their care. She had crossed into the U.S. unaccompanied by any biological family members and was now in foster care.

The department asked for assistance with its family finding efforts to locate the biological parents of the child from a well-known non-profit agency, Children's Home Society. The agency, in turn, came to Find Families In Mexico for expert assistance since both parents lived in Mexico. Find Families In Mexico worked directly with NC DHHS and successfully identified and located both biological parents even though they live in completely different regions of Mexico. When notified, the child's father was very excited because he had not seen his daughter since she was two years old.

NC DHHS was provided with a report that included contact information for both parents. The report also attested to the due diligence efforts of NC DHHS to be in compliance with the Fostering Connections Act.

Located biological parents of Hispanic foster child for :
North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services

Guilford County

Durham County Department of Social Services
Durham, North Carolina

foster teens san diego

Daughter Reunited with Her Mother in Mexico
Seven Years After Being Placed in U.S. Foster Care

soldierA soldier stationed in Iraq wrote that his wife and her mother "…were separated in L.A. about 7 years ago. My wife, who was 15 at the time, was put into foster care and her mother and younger half brother and sister went back to Mexico.

Find Families In Mexico took on the case and within two weeks had located the wife's mother. Thanks to your information, my wife was able to talk with her mother after being apart for seven years. Thank you and God bless. A family has been reunited."

Name withheld by request
Daughter reunited with her birth mother

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Amarillo, Texas

foster teenagers

"I hope to inspire someone like I have been, with no hope. You are the one they can put their Hope in."

Ilicia"I was so excited about this that my heart could not wait to see what was ahead of me. I thought about the time difference in Mexico, and I figured my father would be about sleeping for me to call and find him home if it was him truely. I did call and an answering machine picked up the call so I hung up. I thought about it all nite that at least I did hear his voice and it was him. I was so HAPPY!!!!!!!"

"So I did call back and someone did answer. It was a man’s voice so I said I needed to talk to him and was it alright and that I was so sorry for calling so late but I wanted to talk to Jose. He did say it was him. He asked a lot of question. I could only respond a little at a time. He said that he was really happy because he had only dreamed about me. He was hoping I would actually look for him like they do like on the Christina Show on TV when a loved one loses a father or a mother. He said he was sitting next to his wife and shedding little tears. I did find my real father, and I am happy. THANK YOU for that connection you were able to do for me that in a million years I never thought I’d be able to do. God Blesses you for what you do for people."

Ilicia I.
Daughter reunited with her birth father after 16 years

CASA of Travis County
Austin, Texas

foster teens

If your organization has an emergency situation where the only parents and adult relatives of a foster child live in Mexico, contact us immediately so we can provide you with the necessary family finding services.

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