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Family Finding FAQ

Below we have listed the frequently asked questions about our family finding service.

Q1: If we have the names of several relatives in Mexico for a child, how many can we list?
A1: An initial family finding evaluation allows for an analysis of up to four (4) adult family members.

Q2: Does it matter if we have several children who are siblings?
A2: No matter the number of related children, a case generally focuses on identifying and locating the same group of relatives.

Q3: How does the program work if we believe there are relatives in two separate cities?
A3: The initial family finding evaluation includes an analysis of up to two (2) specific cities in Mexico, even if they are in different states. FFIM will search both cities if needed for a successful outcome.

Q4: Do we have to establish a contract with FFIM for services?
A4: Presently all agencies are required to sign a letter of agreement that states the services to be provided. The duration of the agreement is one year. Let us know if your agency would like to establish a more formal contract for services and payments.

Q5: How do you handle the issue of confidentiality?
A5: FFIM adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality. To date, we have worked with agencies around the country without being required to sign off on a specific document addressing confidentiality. If your agency needs a more formal agreement, FFIM will be pleased to discuss this matter further.

A couple of agencies have mentioned confidentiality with regard to sharing information about a foster child. Your agency will have to decide whether or not to provide such information if it is requested and to do so according to the regulations your agency has in place.

Q6: What is our next step when we have a case and want to use your services?
A6: If you have a case pending, email us at info@FindFamiliesInMexico.com. You will receive a letter of agreement unless a contract has already been established. (See Q4 concerning contracts.) Once signed and returned to FFIM, you will receive a link to our secure website to begin the process.

Q7: Is there a form to fill out to provide you with the case information?
A7: Yes. Our online Profile BuilderTM form was designed to draw out the critical information that will be used in a family finding search. It also explains what information is important and highlights needed information that may not have been obtained during the initial intake process.

Q8: Once a child’s case is designated with a High Probability, what happens next?
A8: A Level I Family Finding will be initiated to locate the child’s relatives once payment as stipulated in the agreement letter has been received.

Q9: If a child’s case is designated with a Low Probability, what happens next?
A9: FFIM will address each case individually with your agency to determine how best to proceed.

Q10: Do you make direct contact with the child’s family members?
A10: As a general rule, FFIM does not interact or communicate with the family members being sought. However, there may be exceptions, to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Got a Question We Didn't Answer?

Let us know if you have a question or concern that was not addressed. The more you share with us, the better we can provide the information you want to know.


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