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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for all foster children in the U.S. to have a permanent home.

Our Mission

The mission of Find Families In Mexico is to change the lives of U.S. foster children.

Our Organization

Our organization was created in response to thousands of requests from around the world pleading for assistance to locate relatives living in Mexico. Our organization has more than 100 years of combined experience dealing with Mexico and Central America. This expertise is critical to successfully unite foster children with their families, the first step to making a lasting impact on the lives of these children.

Find Families In Mexico has one of the world's largest research libraries with resources specific to the first 100 years of Mexico family history. Family documents and microfiche from years past 100 (1915) are essentially useless for family finding. Some resources are exclusively ours meaning that even the Mexican government doesn't have this research material.

Find Families In Mexico is the only non-govermental organization in the world that specializes in family finding in Mexico and Central America.

Published Article About and By Find Families In Mexico

Click here to see articles that have been written about finding family members, the foster care system and our successes. These articles have been carried in newspapers and Internet sites around the world.

Our Founder

Foster Youth Richard Villasana, a proud Navy veteran, is the leading international authority on locating a foster child's parent or relatives living in Mexico or Central America.

"When I was working in Mexico, I learned I had a real talent for finding key government officials in Mexico for U.S. and foreign clients. Then some associates started to ask me to find their relatives: a brother, cousin, or an aunt. It was so exciting when I found someone's missing sister or birth father. The emails of thanks made my week."

Richard is an author, international speaker and trainer who has been featured by EFE, the world's largest Spanish media company and in Foster Focus Magazine and the San Diego Business Journal. He is the founder of Find Families In Mexico. For more than 20 years, his organization has worked with government agencies across the country and has been building families and communities by locating relatives of U.S. foster children so they can move out of foster care into permanent homes.

Richard has spent 22 years living and working in Mexico. He is one of the leading authorities on Mexico family history having helped more than 6,500 families find their relatives in Mexico.He was a university professor at UABC, Tijuana, B.C. and has given presentations and training at some of Mexico’s largest institutions, associations and corporations such as Plantronics and ThermalFisher.

"After months of receiving calls from people asking for my help I realized that I could help a LOT of people who were desperate to reconnect with their family members in Mexico. And that was the start of Find Families In Mexico more than twenty years ago."

"I could talk about the organization, but the most important part of all of this are the heart-warming (and heart-wrenching) cases and the messages from teenagers who so desperately want to find their birth parent. If you've ever thought kids can't write with emotion, just reading one of the cries for help we get would melt your heart. Reconnecting one of these foster kids is incredible."

"My biggest vice is Dr. Pepper. I can be talked into a lot of things with offers of a great hamburger pizza. I love traveling and a good hike. I'm a night owl. It's not uncommon for me to be working at 3:00am. Fortunately, my wife of 13 years doesn't mind (too much) because she knows my work results in more foster children being reconnected with their families."

Organizations We Have Worked With

Richard Villasana

Committed to Assisting Your Agency

Our organization continues to expand our range of services so that we can better meet the needs of child welfare agencies, private companies, non-profit and foster care organizations. We welcome participation from government and private organizations so we can assist them in addressing any challenges to finding permanency for children living without their parents or relatives.

Contact us so together we can help give more children in foster care permanency in a safe and loving home.

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