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Reconnecting Foster Children With Their Families

"It is imperative to reconnect these [foster] children with those that love them despite borders."

Family finding"Connecting individuals to their families is vital to improving safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes for our most vulnerable youth. [Find Families In Mexico] Special Report contains beneficial information to those who wish to conduct searches for family in Mexico. Conducting a hopeful search for an individual in Mexico requires additional knowledge and information differing from the United States."

"Prior knowledge of this information, along with other essential tips in the report, could aid in a smoother and more encouraging search in Mexico. Thank you for your support to family finding's goal of providing each child with lifelong connections that only a family can offer."

Kevin Campbell
Founder and Director
Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness

Why We Advocate for Foster Children

Find Families In Mexico (FFIM) believes all U.S. foster children deserve to live happy, healthy lives in a permanent home. When relatives live outside the U.S., we believe in challenging the family-finding status quo. By identifying and locating their family members in Mexico, we become the catalyst to move children out of foster care.

What We Do

There are nearly 84,000 Hispanic children in U.S. foster care. Federal and state laws require foster care agencies to identify, locate and notify the relatives of these children. Often there are family members living in Mexico, but they seem impossible to locate because their information is not on databases and access to public records is highly restricted.

When agencies hit a wall and are struggling to locate these adults, they come to Find Families In Mexico. We are the leading international organization for finding these relatives. As a result of what we do, these children move out in foster care and reunite with their families in a permanent home.

Discover 5 CRITICAL KEYS to Find
Families in Mexico

Does your organization want to find a biological parent or family member in Mexico for a child presently in foster care?

U.S. organizations and agencies are tasked with the due diligence of family finding to locate and notify a parent or relative of a child in various situations:

  • A child is entering the foster care system. Your agency wants to be in compliance with the Fostering Connection Act and do the family finding necessary to notify adult biological family members living in Mexico.

  • Your agency doesn't have the family finding resources to identify and locate biological family members living in Mexico.

  • A child is removed from the custody of the parent(s) and their only known family members are living in Mexico.

  • A child is presently in the care of Child Protective Services because both parents were recently killed and the child's family members all live in Mexico.

  • A biological parent living in Mexico needs to be notified of a pending adoption before custody of their child is given to another parent or foster family.

Your agency has to find a relative in Mexico...
and doesn't know how to proceed with its family finding.

Richard Villasana From the desk of Richard Villasana:

Find Families In Mexico specializes in performing family finding for U.S. agencies seeking to locate the biological relatives of foster children. This ensures that agencies are in compliance with the "Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008" (Section 103. Notification of relatives).

With 20 years of experience, we have assisted more than 6,500 families to be reunited with lost relatives. Agencies we work with include the State of Oregon, Dept. of Human Services, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Child Protection Services, the Ninth Circuit Court as well as private foster care agencies and attorneys. We identify and locate biological parents and extended family members in Mexico.

Some agencies feel that if their staff spends time and energy on the Internet, they will eventually find a parent or relative living in Mexico. The truth is that nearly 85% of personal information on Mexican residents is not available online. Much of the available data is limited to secondary information, such as birth and marriage records, and not current listings with names, addresses and phone numbers.

Our Special Report

Our company has created a Special Report to introduce agencies to the information needed to conduct a search for a parent or relative living in Mexico.

Agencies will learn...

  • Why they may never find family members in Mexico using the Internet.

  • The absolutely critical information agencies must have to help ensure adult relatives are located in Mexico.

  • The biggest common mistake that prevents agencies from ever finding a parent or extended family members.

Foster child's biological mother located in Mexico

A Family Finding Specialist with Children's Service Society of Wisconsin (CSSW) needed to locate family members living in Mexico. They had a foster child in their care, but after weeks of searching in the U.S., CSSW had been unable to locate any family members. Acting on the recommendation from Kevin Campbell, the leading expert on family finding for the U.S., CSSW contacted Find Families In Mexico.

Our company conducted a City Search that resulted in CSSW being put in touch with the birth mother, maternal grandmother and several adult relatives. CSSW has started the engagement process and has documentation supporting their family finding due diligence if requested by the court.

"Many thanks for all of your efforts in locating the family of one of our foster children in Wisconsin! It was a pleasure working with your agency."

Located biological mother, grandmother and several adult family members of U.S. foster child for:
Family Finding Specialist
Children's Service Society of Wisconsin (CSSW)
Menasha, Wisconsin

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