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One of our focuses is to advocate for foster children who have family members living in Mexico. Once family members are found, these children can be put on the path out of foster care. Find out what we are doing to support our mission to change the lives of U.S. foster children.

New article, "Family Finding Across the Border in Mexico"
May 26, 2013

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Based on more than 20 years of success locating family members in Mexico, Richard Villasana, founder of Find Families In Mexico (FFIM) was asked to write on the subject for the May issue of Foster Focus Magazine. The resulting article, "Finding Families Across the Border in Mexico," addresses the many challenges of locating a foster child’s family members who still live in that country.

Excerpt from the article:

During interviews, several U.S. family-finding specialists and supervisors have commented about struggling and "hitting a wall" when it comes to locating relatives in Mexico. Some have been more candid in saying they had "no idea" how to find these family members. Dedicated social workers experience frustration when they attempt family finding in Mexico because they lack the training and/or resources to succeed.

Because of that, Hispanic children may spend years without contact with Mexican family members. Presently, a young Latina in foster care may have a birth mother or grandmother who has no idea their little girl is in a government facility. Along with many other foster children, this girl may suffer emotionally while in foster care.

Martin Guggenheim, President of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, wrote, “For a young enough child, it [being removed from their home] can be an experience akin to a kidnapping. Children feel they must have done something terribly wrong for which they are being punished.” ... to read more.

StyleLaughter Performing at March Fundraiser for Foster Children
March 25, 2013

foster children

We are very excited to have StyleLaughter at a private birthday party where guests are being asked instead of bringing a gift to donate to Find Families In Mexico to support our work to move children out of foster care. The party is Mar 30 and StyleLaughter will be help us reach our goal of $1,000.

StyleLaughter is an improvisation comedy troupe that performs shows at no cost to raise money for various non-profit groups in Orange County, California. The company was founded on October 10, 2010 with the vision of "Building Better Communities Through Laughter." StyleLaughter troupe members have performed with The O.C. Crazies, ImprovCity, Penny Dreadful Players and various theatres.

Even if you can't attend, click here and donate to help more children move out of foster care into permanent homes.

Amigos At Work Throwing March Fundraiser for Foster Children
March 16, 2013

Family finding

Sheri Long, President of Amigos At Work, is doing her part to help more children get out of foster care in a very heart touching manner. Her birthday is March 30, but instead of looking forward to gifts for herself, Sheri is asking her guests to donate to Find Families In Mexico.

Sheri has also tapped the talented people at StyleLaughter to perform at her party. StyleLaughter is a non-profit organization headed by Robin McNatt. They bring comedians and performers together to put on shows with 100% of the donations going to a particular cause.

Amigos At Work specializes in communication training with multi-cultural staff. Sheri has worked with small companies as well as multi-national corporations such as Sam's Club, Plantronics and Kaiser in both the U.S. and Mexico. She trains management and staff so they have improved communication leading to increased production and profits. You can learn more at www.AmigosAtWork.com.

StyleLaughter performs at venues to raise donations for other non-profits and charities. You can learn more at www.StyleLaughter.com.

Donation Campaign Up and Running
February 1, 2013

After several weeks, Find Families In Mexico has launched its fundraising campaign. We presently have several cases of children in foster care who need us to locate their family members. We now need donors to step up and support the work so these children can move out of foster care. Because we are now under the non-profit status of the Media Arts Center San Diego, all donations are now tax deductible.

Know how far a dollar can go? Kern County launched the California Permanency for Youth Project. Their 2008 report stated:

"Over $200,000 a month could be saved if only 37 youth were placed, resulting in millions in annual savings. The calculations provide solid cost justification for permanency programs, aside from the immeasurable benefits that come from providing youth with homes."

With family courts being reduced or closed, it's harder than ever for children without connections to their families to move out of foster care. We are looking for people to step up and give to help tomorrow's leaders have a better childhood today.

FFIM Has a Fiscal Sponsor
December 14, 2012

Family finding

Find Families In Mexico is under the non-profit status of the Media Arts Center San Diego. This sets the foundation so we can (finally) start to receive donations to support our work to locate family members of children in U.S. foster care. This activity, called family finding, is a vital first step to moving children out of foster care and into a permanent home.

With social services' budgets being slashed across the country, less money is available to support quality efforts to locate relatives that are living in Mexico. We will be raising donations so we can self-fund our work.

All donations are now tax deductible because we now have a fiscal sponsor. Click here to find out how you can donate or email us if you have any questions about our work that result in children moving out of foster care and into permanent homes.




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